Air Filter Replacement

The air filter removes dirt and dust from the air that flows into the engine. Having a clean air filter is essential for keeping contaminants out of your engine. Failure to do so will reduce fuel economy and cause poor engine performance. Dirty filters causes the engine to work harder than normal to draw the required amount of air for proper combustion.

Poor engine performance and increased exhaust emissions are the result of a dirty air filter or PCV valve. An improperly operating PCV system fails to remove contaminants and water vapor from the crankcase.

Air filters and PCV Valves should be checked on a regular basis. Super Lube can check both parts during regular oil change intervals. Recommended replacement is based on the condition of parts and the manufacturer’s recommended service interval. The standard recommended service interval is every 15,000 miles (for most cars). However, it is important that they are checked every 3,000 miles since driving conditions vary.